Bronx LGBT Group Moves Into Building Named For Homophobe Ruben Diaz

New York State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr—who worked tirelessly (and unsuccessfully) to block the state’s marriage-equality law—became an inadvertent friend to gays when the community center he paid for and that bears his name became home to Bronx Pride, the borough’s preeminent LGBT rights organization.

Mmm, the irony is so delicious we’re gonna have it for lunch.

According to the New York Post, a source says Diaz was “furious” the queer advocacy had taken up shop in the Rev. Ruben Diaz Gardens, located at Westchester Avenue and Kelly Street in the Bronx. But on Monday the Pentacostal minister/politician denied he had any beef.

In a statement to the press, Diaz said:

“I was surprised to read today’s New York Post‘s sensational story by Candice Giove because she completely disregarded what I specifically said to her about Bronx Pride moving in to the Rev.  building.

I would like everyone to know that I am honored that Bronx Pride is coming to the Rev Ruben Diaz Gardens. They honor me by recognizing my good work on behalf of the community. When everyone abandoned the Bronx, I worked hard to bring jobs, housing and programs that benefit our community. I am glad that Bronx Pride is taking advantage of these opportunities and I will continue to invite everyone to come to the Bronx because the Bronx is open for business.”

We’re a little disinclined to believe Diaz, seeing as he fought against the expansion of the LGBT-inclusive Harvey Milk School in 2003 and criticized New York lobbying for the Gay Games in 1994 because it would bring more AIDS cases to the city and make children “conclude that if there are so many gay and lesbian athletes then there is nothing wrong, nor any risks involved,” with being gay.

The building, which is mix-use, also has apartment rentals. Maybe Diaz’s lesbian granddaughter and her girlfriend could move in? You know, to really twist the knife. We’ll pay first and last month’s rent!