Bronx Teens Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Male Classmate

hazingThree high-school students in the Bronx have been arrested for abusing a fellow member of the track team “with ongoing sexual assault and threats of rape,” according to the New York Anti-Violence Project.

A series of sexually violent hazing rituals are alleged to have taken place at the acclaimed Bronx High School of Science starting in December—when one of the three assailants (right) told their male victim, “You need a good fingering, you freshman,” and violated him through his clothes.

In January, another purportedly demanded the victim touch him sexually and threatened rape if he refused. The victim did refuse—and was pinned down and sexually assaulted.

The suspects, all under 18, have been charged as adults with “forcible touching, assault, hazing in the second degree and harassment.” (Their names have been cited in numerous press reports, but we’re choosing not to list them here.)
The three pleaded not guilty at their arraignment and will return to court on Friday.






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