Brooklyn Man Says Cops Beat Him At Pride Party, Keep Harassing Him

Jabbar CampbellA Brooklyn man who claims plainclothes police officers barged into his home during a gay Pride party and beat him, says cops have returned several times to bust his chops.

Back in January, Jabbar Campbell (right) reported that plainclothes officers disabled his the security camera in his Crown Heights home before attacking him.

Officers from the 77th Precinct, responding to reports of noise at the Sterling Place party, “bum-rushed” Jabbar Campbell after he opened the door of his apartment.

“They were screaming and cursing saying things like ‘fag,’ ‘homo,’ ‘asshole,’ just a bunch of anti-gay slurs,” Campbell, a 32-year-old forensic specialist, told The Daily News.

Campbell said he was beaten by the officers, who bloodied his mouth, split open his lip and caused swelling to his left eye. He was then handcuffed and charged with resisting arrest — and spent 24 hours in police custody.

A pair of officers had originally showed up a little before 3am and told the guests, some of whom were in drag, to just keep it down. Those policemen left, but another group arrived just 10 minutes later—banging on the door with their flashlights. Campbell waited almost 10 minutes to let them in, but when he did, the attack began: “I blacked out. I was concerned for my life,” he says.

Campbell’s attorney, Herb Subin, says the effort to dismantle the security camera is the real smoking gun here: “They were trying to conceal the evidence by turning the camera away [but] they committed a hate crime inside a gay-pride event.” (Not that we necessarily doubt Campbell’s story, but who celebrates Pride in January?)

Campbell’s already stated his intention to sue the city, but now he says precinct cops keep coming back and harassing him. Last week, they illegally searched his apartment, he maintains.

The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau says it is investigating both the initial incident and the claims of  subsequent harassment.

Photo: Jabbar Campbell