‘Brothers’ Actors Discuss Gay Nups

The Brothers & Sisters are about to get a new brother. Well, brother-in-law.

As many of you know, gay characters Scotty and Kevin will soon be exchanging their homo vows on ABC’s feel-good soap. And, in preparation for the big event, the actors – recently outed Luke MacFarlane and straight man Matthew Rhys – sat down with Out In Hollywood to discuss their reactions to the storyline. Obviously they’re personally thrilled, but MacFarlane puts the drama’s trajectory into a larger context:

It means that the audience is ready because, you know, in television we make sure people are ready before we foist anything upon them by sort of testing it and stuff.

It means that the world is ready and it also means that the characters in their lives are ready too. It’s a beautiful thing that’s happening but also a very appropriate thing.

If only life truly imitated art, huh?