Dusts Off, Revives Boy Scout Debate

Brownback Looks (Way) Back To Make Romney Look Pro-Gay

With the Judge Janet Neff scandal behind him, Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback‘s apparently spending his grumbles on another nemesis, fellow GOP hopeful Mitt Romney.

The Kansas Senator and his campaign cronies sent out an email taking on Mormon Mitt’s alleged support for gay Boy Scouts. They even get gay (alleged) assaulter Larry Cirigiano in on the fun.

Brownback’s letter reads:

In his 1994 Senate race in Massachusetts and later as CEO of the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee, Mitt Romney opposed Boy Scout officials who wished to prevent gay men from becoming troop leaders and was hostile to Scout participation in the 2002 Olympics.

In a 1994 debate with Ted Kennedy, Mitt Romney offered his support for gay scout leaders:
“I feel that all people should be allowed to participate in the Boy Scouts regardless of their sexual orientation.”

Romney’s openness to gay scout leaders conflicts with the Scout Oath, which requires Scouts to be “morally straight.”

“What part of morally straight doesn’t Mitt Romney understand?” said Larry Cirigiano, a Catholic activist in Massachusetts. “Boy Scout ‘leaders’ are supposed to be role models. Open homosexuals should not be leading young Boy Scouts anywhere.”

Except for hell!!!

Brownback – who swears he’d never allow a homo in the scouts – also provides this video of Romney discussing the issue:

Romney’s folk, meanwhile, released a statement, as well:

Governor Romney has been the most prominent, leading advocate of the family values platform in this campaign. His consistent advocacy on these issues has resulted in an important growth of support for our campaign. Some other campaigns will resort to negative attacks and distortions, which is an unfortunate reflection on their campaign’s conduct.

Governor Romney has been a supporter of the Boy Scouts and has said he supports their right to decide scouting policies.

Have we gone into a time warp? The Supreme Court ruled seven years ago that the Boy Scouts can prohibit gays.

Aren’t there more pressing issues to be discussed or do both men realize that their best political years are in the past, so they’re living in it??