Predicts End of Marriage, Universe and Everything Else

Brownback’s Gay Nup Explanation Defies Reality

The Republican presidential hopefuls took to a Fox News stage last night to debate our nation’s most pressing issues. And, not surprisingly, gay marriage came up.

When asked about his opinion on the matter, Senator Sam Brownback offered a long-winded, short-sighted and all around absurd explanation.

Read it and weep at his idiocy, after the jump…

…I think this is important for us to rebuild the family structure. In countries that have redefined marriage, where they’ve said, okay, it’s not just a man and a woman, it can be two men, two women, the marriage rates in those countries have plummeted to where you have counties now in Northern Europe where 80 percent of the first-born children are born out of wedlock. We don’t need more children born out of wedlock; we need more children born into wedlock between a mom and a dad bonded together for life.

When you do these vast social experiments – and that’s what this is, when you redefine marriage. It’s a vast social experiment. They’re not done in isolation. They impact the rest of the culture around you. When you take the sacredness out of marriage, you will drive the marriage rates down. And currently in this country, currently we’re at 36 percent of our children born out of wedlock. You can raise a good child in that setting, but we know the best place is between a mom and a dad bonded together for life.

Do we know that? Really? Because we’ve heard differently: there’s no negative correlation between a child’s development and their parents gender. What’s more, we were under the impression that gay marriage is not harming other countries’ marriage rates. Oh well, we’d expect such skewed logic from a man who doesn’t believe in evolution.

No wonder he got booed.