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Bruce Davidson Accidentally Shot His 3-Way Sex Partner to Death. He’ll Serve 15 Years For It

Bruce Davidson (nee Lavallee-Davidson), who was one member of a bizarre three-way sex romp that ended just horribly, was sentenced today to 15 years in jail, of a possible 30, for the death of Fred Wilson, whom Davidson shot in the head during a 12-hour drug-fueled marathon sex session in April 2008, while Wilson and a third man, James Pombriant, were having sex. Both the prosecution and defense agreed Davidson did not believe the gun was loaded, nor did he intend to kill him, but that the responsibility to ensuring the safety of the gun was his

Four days after Wilson’s body was discovered, Davidson (pictured right, with attorney Thomas Hallet) was among the gay activists testifying before Maine’s lawmakers about the importance of legalizing gay marriage.