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Bruce Jenner Has Inspired Jeffrey Tambor’s ‘Transparent’ Characterization

Jeffrey-Tambor-transparentWe are people of a certain age. And, I don’t mean that disrespectfully, because it’s not always something that you want to admit to yourself. But it’s true. In real life, Bruce showed tremendous courage by revealing himself to the world. And I thought about that while playing Maura. Having the courage to be honest about your gender, especially when you’re no longer a young guy — that is incredibly brave… Both Maura and Bruce had the guts to make a break for their freedom despite the consequences. It’s terrifying…And, I still think it’s notable that they didn’t hire a 25-year-old for this role. When you get older in this business, it’s just not the same. I think hiring a man of a certain age to play Maura creates unexpected depth. Not anchoring the show with a young actor gives us credibility; I think that’s an extra bonus for us.”


Jeffrey Tambor chatting with Vulture about the parallel between his character Maura on Transparent and Bruce Jenner’s announcement that he is a transgender woman