Bruno Fires Back at Alleged Victim in Brilliant Marketing Ploy


Eminem teabagger Sacha Baron Cohen is encountering more grievous lawsuits from his Bruno character than Borat could ever muster. Borat just had Cohen charged with making asses out of people; Bruno is attracting lawsuits that say he put people in wheelchairs!

Richelle Olson sued Cohen for allegedly grabbing the mic in a violent display at a charity bingo event, which caused her to fall, go boom boom, and get hurt. What is Olson receiving as compensation? So far, the threat of a lawsuit from Cohen!

Cohen’s camp is threatening to sue Richelle and her husband Lance if they don’t drop the lawsuit. In a letter Bruno‘s attorneys fired off to the bingos: “If you do not file a voluntary dismissal of the complaint with prejudice, and if you do not do so by this Monday, June 8, our clients will avail themselves of every legal remedy against you and your clients.” And: Don’t you dare keep making defamatory statements!

Camp Cohen says the video will show their version of events is true; “Mr. Baron Cohen never touched Ms. Olson, much less assaulted her. To the contrary, Ms. Olson assaulted Mr. Baron Cohen, grabbing his arms from behind and attempting to pull him out of a chair.”

But hey, we hear the part where Bruno gets Paula Abdul to use Mexicans as house furniture and sit on them is, uh, definitely true.