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  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Banned in Ukraine. There’s a T-shirt!

  • Mr. Cox

    Really? Funny only last week Queerty was mocking Bruno as homophobic. Suddenly they care that its banned in Ukraine. This proves what we’ve known all along that Queerty is playing a double-standard. Bruno was not homophobic, it was hilarious, and if you’re going to accuse it of being homophobic then don’t be outraged when Ukraine bans it.

  • TANK

    Not because it’s just a bad movie? God caused chernobyl.

  • galefan2004

    You know what I find funny is the last part…

    Not immoral:

    Letting racism breed inside your borders. *CHECK!* (see entire history)
    Turning away political asylum seekers. *CHECK!* (see relations with Cuba)
    Torturing Prisoners. *CHECK!* (see Guantanamo Bay)

    I’m confused, are you describing Ukraine or the United States when using these examples. If its Ukraine, what exactly do you expect from a country that teeters on the verge of a full blown economic collapse and civil war. A friend of mine spent a year there, and was shocked because he got to see what real poverty actually looks like.

  • jd

    @Mr. Cox: You are, quite frankly, reading a different website if you think Queerty has leaned toward thinking Bruno is homophobic. We’ve relayed the viewpoint from many others, yes, but in much of our coverage we’ve declared it worthwhile.

    Please, re-read all of this:

    And don’t say another word until you do.

  • prissysissy

    Guys, we are talking about Eastern Europe! Everyone knows the Slavic people were never fully civilized.

  • dlpca

    @prissysissy: I remind you of the lack of equality, protection under civil laws, blatant harassment, targeting, bashing, employment sabotage and wrongful treatment of Gays in the United States. Now, what exactly is civilized or superior behavior as compared to Ukraine? Hate is universal and it is blind denial to consider the US any “more” of a country compared to any other that treats its Gay citizens as less than equal and less than human.

    Americans, we must believe in hope but we must see things as they are, remain realistic and clear headed about the existing wrongful treatment of Gays. Things are done in secret, in the dark of night; quietly and carefully planned against the Gay community. “They” are not gonna allow Gay equality.

    If not for Obama, I would have voted for Ron Paul in the last presidential election. It scares me to see Ron Paul’s homophobic reaction in the movie Bruno. How revealing this very short scene was. If you have not seen it, every Gay person should, especially if you support Ron Paul (and many do).

    This film “Bruno” is meant to educate, entertain and stimulate thinking through truthful revelations. Cohen is a genius, a method actor(comedian), with a very serious underlying message beneath the humor and outrageous antics. Yes the movie is sold as a comedy, but I see it as a documentary about fear, fear of Gays and fear of ourselves. We are all one species, many forget that. Bruno allows us to laugh and think about ourselves, what we say, what we do and how we are with each other.

    Fascinating. Sad, really.

  • just....

    just a thought…

    things that used to be shameful and immoral…now the world finds glory in them….

    im not just talking about homosexuality, but everything in general.

    its kinda disapointing

  • tjr101


    I couldn’t agree with you more. Many in the LGBT community have the delusional belief that somehow Ron Paul and his libertarian ilk are for gay rights. Ron Paul is as ignorant as it gets.

    Cohen’s films are quite revealing in the nature of people’s reactions to the unfamiliar. Talking about the Ukraine? America is not much better!

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