Brush Off

Jamaica’s tourism minister, Edmund Bartlett brushed off gay activists’ complaints regarding the island’s pervasive homophobia. And American journalist Timothy Kincaid does not approve: “I would discourage anyone whom I love from vacationing on the island. Those who champion violence against some can champion violence against many….If he cares about the future of his nation’s economy and stability, he might be better concerned that his nation not come to be seen by the American public as a hostile and violent place…” [BTB]

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  • foofyjim

    Boycott Jamaica boys and girls. They don’t like us homos there at all!

  • An Other Greek

    I can understand why officials are poo-pooing any threat of boycott, that’s their job.

    It’s our job to force them to change. Keep up the pressure.

    Jamaicans’ minds are enslaved by the unholy yet powerful marriage of uber-fundamentalist Christians and murdering gangs. The government is in no way interested in anything except bribes and continuity.

    They need our help. Good job Queerty, keep up the pressure.

  • Bob R

    I wouldn’t go to Jamaica if you paid me! I lived in the Miami, Florida area for 30+ years and knew many Jamaicans. I cannot remember knowing one, not one, that was not homophobic. Obnoxious people, hateful island. The Bahamas are little better and the Cayman’s tell you right up front you’re not welcome there. I think you’d have a better time in Puerto Rico. I won’t even drink Jamaican rum!

  • kevin57

    Living on a Caribbean neighbor to Jamaica, Antigua, I can tell you it’s not much better here. Physical violence is not common here but homophobia is rampant. Very unhealthy. Very sad. But keep up boycott actions. These guys need the tourism $$$. They’ll cave.

  • FrED

    Agree with all the comments so far. The caribbean island nations depend hevealy on tourism from Europe , Canada and the U.S. Just remember that every minute you spend as a tourist in Jamaica youre indirectly putting money inTO the pockets of homophobes who will and have kill people whom they perceive as Gay. ONE LOVE~ONE HATE! NO MONEY OF MINE!

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