Brutal Gay Bashing Suspect Kathryn Knott Has Been Terminated From Her Job

kathryn-knott-firedKathryn Knott, the 24-year-old former Catholic schoolgirl charged with violently beating a gay man unconscious in an unprovoked attack in Philadelphia on September 11th, has been fired from her job as an ER technician at Lansdale Hospital in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

The spoiled police chief’s daughter may have received special legal treatment from her daddy in the past, but her superiors at Abington Health are much less willing to stick their necks out for her.

In a statement released by the hospital yesterday, Knott’s employment was terminated:

“Effective today, September 25, 2014, Kathryn Knott has been terminated from her employment at Abington Health. Abington Health takes patient privacy and confidentiality very seriously and is fully investigating this matter.”

The public became outraged this week when Knott’s Twitter account displayed massive breaches in the hospital’s physician-patient privilege policy — she tweeted at least five X-rays containing sensitive patient information with complete disregard of the privacy Abington’s patients are guaranteed.

Earlier this month, a 25-year-old Catholic high school basketball coach named Fran McGlinn was also fired from his job for his alleged involvement in the assault.

Knott, along with 24-year-old Philip Williams and 26-year-old Kevin Harrigan, was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and criminal conspiracy for her involvement in the brutal assault that left a Philadelphia gay couple with severe injuries earlier this month.

All three were released on bail yesterday and continue to maintain their innocence.

To read more about Knott’s extreme homophobic history and the initial assault, check out our previous coverage.