BRUTAL: Woman Uses Knife to Saw at Scalp In Tulsa’s Bloody Bashing


A terrible story we’re hearing out of Tulsa: Brandon Patrick (pictured) was assaulted by two men and a woman. There was biting. A knife to the scalp and ear. And knee. Via Queerty reader Blake comes this report from Brandon’s partner Sam Raines:

It happened about 11:45 last night between 12-13th off St. Louis and Rockford… 2 females and 1 male attacked him with a knife he has a knife wound the the knee that required 3 stitches and a possible knife wound to the head that required 3 staples.

They started out by calling him a faggot as he was walking down the street minding his own business and they told him not to look at them….but he didn’t even look in their direction.

As he went around the corner they got in their vehicle which was a mustang late 90’s early 00 model and sped toward him and the male got out of the car. he then punched him in the back of his head and that’s when he started to have to defend himself. He kept telling them just to leave him alone and go about their business…

As he was restraining the male the older of the 2 females came at him and bit his cheek and began to saw at his head with a knife…then ended up stabbing him in the knee! The other 2 then jumped in after he got up from the ground and tried to get away. After he was defending himself I think they realized that he was not going to just lay there and take a beating that he was not going to let this happen to him!

More horrifying photos below.

We’re working on getting more details. There doesn’t appear to be news reports about the incident. DEVELOPING …