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Bryan Fischer Calls Report About His Homophobic History “Lies.” Which Means It’s True.

In the rarefied world of anti-gay evangelists, Bryan Fischer holds a special place. For the director of issues “analysis” at the American Family Association (AFA), no falsehood is too outrageous to repeat: We’re Nazis, we will commit “virtual genocide” against Christian soldiers, we can never be role models. (He has yet to call our shoes ugly, but that can’t be far behind.)

No wonder the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has classified the AFA as a hate group.

A new report from SPLC, The Propogandists: Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association and the Demonization of LGBT People, serves as an almanac of the AFA’s hatred of gays and lesbians. The report, written by journalists Jody May-Chang and Jill Kuraitis, traces the rise (if that’s the word) of Fischer from a minister who thought Christians should avoid the political sphere to a leading proponent of Dominionist theology, which calls on Christians (of a certain type) to control all the major sectors of society, from government (laws will follow the Bible) to entertainment (music will be a lot worse).

Fischer’s big leap forward came when he was named the chaplain of the Idaho state senate, just a few years after the state beat back an anti-gay ballot measure. With direct access to politicians, Fischer became a player in Idaho, eventually forming the state chapter of the AFA. Good career move on his part, because it landed him his current gig as a white-haired volcano spewing hate in a syndicated radio program for the AFA.

Of course, Fischer isn’t exactly an outlier at the AFA. The SPLC report also chronicles the auspicious history of homophobia that the Tupelo, MS, organization has compiled through the years. Founded in 1977 by Rev. Donald Wildmon, the AFA has long been obsessively worrying about the gay agenda, unsuccessfully boycotting companies for offering domestic partnership benefits, advertising in gay magazines and liking rainbows (well, not that one. Yet.) As a purveyor of anti-gay myths, the AFA stands second to none.

Which is why Fischer fits in there so well.

Of course, even as society as a whole is moving toward gay equality, the AFA has gotten a boost from the Republican presidential field’s wholesale flight in the opposite direction. Fischer was recently featured at the Value Voters Summit, the jamboree for Christian conservatives, and his rants calling for the return of DADT found a receptive audience among the GOP presidential hopefuls.

And what does Fischer make of all the well-researched information in the report? “[This] is sort of a hit piece on yours truly,” Fischer blustered on his radio show. “I mean there is one distortion, error, lie after another in this piece, I mean it’s just amazing the lies and some of the people I used to trust are the source of these lies.” To translate: it’s the truth when I lie about you, but it’s a lie when you tell the truth about me. (Note the complete lack of any attempt to refute the “lies” in the report.)

So count on more demonization as the presidential campaign unfolds. In the meantime, the SPLC report is a sad reminder that hate has a long history at the AFA and, if Bryan Fischer has his say, it’s only going to get longer.

Image via Southern Poverty Law Center

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  • Michael in San Jose

    I have to wonder what Mr. Fisher and his co-workers in the anti gay movement will say to Jesus on judgment day for all the children of God they have personally driven from the family of God… Nowhere in scripture does Jesus ever talk or act like these people… In fact Jesus in every instance was just the opposite of these morally corrupt Christians… May God have mercy on you Mr. Fisher…

  • Cam

    So Queerty will defend Bachman’s husband but is now attacking this guy.

    Is this a turnaround and we’ll have the old Queerty back or was this pro-gay/Anti-bigot article just an accident?

  • EdWoody

    Why does somebody not just shot these idiots dead? It’s not like there aren’t enugh people around with guns to do the job.

  • randy

    Keep up the pressure. Keep them on the defense. It’s the way to win in the long run.

  • Justin

    I grew up in Boise and in my government class we had a series of debates by speakers on various parts of the Bill of Rights. This asshat sat eight feet from me and tried to explain to our class that the Constitution allows states to establish official religions and govern based on that because “Congress can’t create a religious qualification but that doesn’t mean governors and presidents can’t.” Absolute dangerous buffoon. When he left for Mississippi the entire city of Boise (which had since become liberal) told him good riddance and to not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out.

  • Jim Hlavac

    Oh, I’d say ol’ Mr. Fischer isn’t “homophobic” — a word I never liked — why, he’s a afraid of us as Sherman was afraid of Confederates at Atlanta — Sherman was not Confederophobic, no — he was coolly rational in his desire to simply destroy the Confederacy. Just as Patton was not “Germanophobic” but rather rational in his pursuit of Nazi Germany. Yes, Fischer isn’t afraid of us, or irrational about us — but thinks rather coolly, calmly and with great forethought in everything he says and does in his quest to simply remove us from this nation in a cultural and even physical genocide. Irrational people I can handle; the deliberate make me nervous.

  • James Edward Lewis II

    I should mention that “Propagandists” has only one “o”; also I tried to register for an account but it kept saying I needed to enter a password, even though the form had no password field and said a password would be emailed to me.

  • Ogre Magi

    I am sooooo sick of christians

  • the crustybastard

    @Justin: This asshat…tried to explain to our class that the Constitution allows states to establish official religions and govern based on that because “Congress can’t create a religious qualification but that doesn’t mean governors and presidents can’t.”

    Justices Scalia and Thomas have made precisely this point, which is far, far more sinister.


    This scumbag seems to be waaaay too obsessed with the Gays… long until he is found being barebacked at the local cruise area?

    I always give my self a case of the giggles when I think about this scumbag or any of the lunatics who’s live mission is to spew the most amount of hatred and venon upon the Gay commmunity arrive at the pearly gates upon their what will be a very joyful for us passing. They approach St. Peter and request entry and he advises he has to check with God via the intercom….the response on booms out “Is he fucking kidding?” :p

  • Michael

    This jackass has always been anti gay hes a lunatic as well.

  • Ian

    How long before they catch this douche with a meth-head-hooker or blowing some guy in a bus-station bathroom?…

  • Michael

    @john george:

    Go to hell you ARE a BIGOT. Why the fuck do people like you CONSTANTLY claim you are not bigots troll boy? I always notice that this is said AFTER saying something that IS bigoted.You are such a hypocrite also Kellan Lutz an ACTOR said it perfectly he is a Christian in real life and the only thing he has ever followed when it comes to the bible is this: love thy neighbor as you would love thyself he LOVES unconditionally .YOU could learn a thing from christians like Kellan period.

    Soddom and Gommorah could care less if either of those are spelled right was about being inhospitable and messy you moron .People like you ALWAYS try to use that specific passage PURPOSELY in order to suit your own bigoted AGENDAS.You should be ashamed of yourself period.Thank GOD I have Christian friends I adore and love and they love and feel the same way about me.They are nothing like YOUR type of Christian.Troll or not hypocritical Christian you are a disgrace as a human being regardless.

  • Schlukitz

    john george said in comment no. 13:

    “and the only rights you would have would be to die or deportation!”

    Um, Daniel, I think we just had a death threat here.

    I have flagged the comment.

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