Bryan Fischer Compares Gay People To Trans Fats: “It Is a Hazard to Human Health!”

As usual, Bryan Fischer is pissed and he’s taking to airwaves to let the world know.

The “Focal Point” radio host is furious that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced plans to ban cholesterol-raising, heart-clogging, stroke-inducing trans fats from supermarket shelves.

“They are convinced it is a hazard to human health,” Fischer said earlier this week, “even though it makes your frosting taste better, your donuts taste better; it makes your crackers taste better.”

Then he added: “If we were gonna take that same reasoning, we would ban homosexuality for the same reason … it is a hazard to human health!”

How about we ban dipshit radio hosts instead?

This is just one of many inflammatory comments about gay people made by Fischer. Earlier this year, he compared LGBT rights activists to modern-day “Nazi stormtroopers” who are out to “eliminate” opponents. He’s also said HIV is not the cause of AIDS, that gay people die up to 20 years sooner than straight people, that exorcisms can “cure” people of homosexuality, and the list goes on and on.

Watch Fischer running his mouth below.