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Bryan Fischer Fears Children Raised By Gays Will Become Sex-Obsessed Sluts

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, America’s leading moralist, was only discussing Judge Vaughn Walker’s Prop 8 ruling and the state of California’s queers, but think of how prescient his discussion about faggots raising children was, given Florida AG Bill McCollum’s war on placing children in loving gay families. Bringing “children into these homes, you are deliberately creating households with a missing mother or a missing father. That is a terrible, terrible, inexcusable, inhumane thing to do to children.” Finally, something we can arrest gay parents for: child abuse.

[via RWW]

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  • 1000cranes

    Bryan Fischer, take a look around the next time you go to church and try and guess how many girls are being molested by the so-called “fathers” while the mothers do nothing. I know way to many women who were sexually abused by their fathers. It’s so under-reported that it is sickening. Your so called “sacred marriage” between a man and a woman is stomach turning. In Washington state there is an entire department of the government dedicated to helping abused and neglected children. Sure, that man and woman raising children is doing real well isn’t it? At least gay people value their children.

  • Jeffree

    That’s some twisty logic there Bryan Fischer: Is it better for orphaned chil.dren to:
    a) languish in the “orphanage”
    b) stay unadopted or
    c) be welcomed into single parent/ same-sex couples’ homes?

    You, sir, need to figure out your priorites.

    I know what I’m talking about: I’m a product of the foster-care system, and was lucky enough to get adopted, but many of my peers “aged out” of the system. Those who go un-adopted dont usually fare so well,, and would have welcomed the chance to be a wanted part of any family: single parent [str8, bi, LGT], un-married parents, same-sex couple, whatever.

    Don’t let the un-adopted become vic.tims of your ideology. Please.
    — — —
    [I may doublepost this on the McCollum thread]

  • Steve

    Some children raised by opposite-sex couples also become sex-obsessed sluts as they grow up. No matter who does the raising, some young adults go through a period of obsessing about sex. Perhaps, most people go through such a period.

    It seems the people who run the American Family Association, are still obsessing about sex.

    In 2006, the American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association and National Association of Social Workers stated in an amicus brief, “the scientific research that has directly compared outcomes for children with gay and lesbian parents with outcomes for children with heterosexual parents has been remarkably consistent in showing that lesbian and gay parents are every bit as fit and capable as heterosexual parents, and their children are as psychologically healthy and well-adjusted as children reared by heterosexual parents.”

    But, I don’t suppose the AFA has ever let little things called “facts” get in the way of their obsessing.

  • Phil

    “Sex-Obsessed Sluts”.

    There’s something wrong with that? We don’t live in the Victorian era anymore. (As marked by our decidedly fewer cases of Syphilis.) Hell, we don’t even live in the sixties any more.

    Hey, old man, guess how you were born? Guess what else? You were probably a mistake. So many children are; it’s amazing. Your children were probably accidents. And y’know what, you still make wonderful, loving families. So get over your prudishness. Sex has never killed anybody. (Disregard heart-attacks. And strokes. And aneurysms. And STDs. And sex-related homicide.)

  • little orphan annie

    households with a missing mother or a missing father. That is a terrible, terrible, inexcusable, inhumane thing to do to children

    Ok then, let’s criminalize all one-parent heterosexual families. Whether by choice, abandonment, divorce or death any parent without a partner/spouse will be jailed. No, wait… won’t that create orphans?

  • Justin

    He terrorized Idaho where I live (I’m in the blue island of Boise thank God) for over a decade and he left a few years ago after a resounding defeat at the polls on his issue of the day: removal of a Ten Commandments statue in a city park that passed by over 22 points.

    Fischer left for Mississippi and pretty much the whole city told him to not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out. I understand that some people have different opinions than mine, and I can respect that. But this man is scum. I pity the poor people of Mississippi who have to deal with his bullshit now. Bryan Fischer needs to go back to his doublewide and wait for an F-5 or heart disease, whichever comes first.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Children do not depend on their parents gender or sexual orientation to grow and learn; they depend on your protection, responsibility, consistency, maturity, patience, and most important your LOVE! <3 :)

    Major health organizations like American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics do not support the views of Mr. Fischer or the views of the American Family Association on gay parenting. They say the exact opposite.

    This is the same man that rants about Obama being a fascist and how the US should prevent Muslims from serving in the military or immigrating to the States. Didn't we do the same with the Japanese in World War II? This guy is a dinosaur.

  • Dawson

    We are in a sex obsessed nation, but yet we haven’t really allowed this gay parent thing to go full force, so all those sex obsessed people that we currently have were raised by straights.


    I am ascared that children raised by asshats like this scumbag will become vile, hatefull, bigoted, horrible members of society…….

  • Miss Hannigan

    Even I don’t hate children that much!

  • jackpacer

    This Bryan Fischer and the AFA are teaming up with a Txas congress to pass a bill of disatisfaction about judge Von Walker, with the hopes of impeaching him after the mid-term elections. This guy is very dangerous. BUT THERE IS SOMETHING ALL OF US CAN DO AND IT TAKES JUST 5 MINUTES. Go to, click on the consumer link and then file a complaint link. The process is simple. One of the reasons the FCC gives or filing a complaint is biased and distorted reporting of the news as to promote an agenda. This is exacly what Byran Fischer dd on his show. He said that same-sex couples are incapable or properly raising children, which is a biased distrtion of the facts. Several studies have proven that same-sex couples are equally as capable of raising children as hetero couples.
    The AFA runs on a shoestring budget, if we can get the FCC flooded with complaints about the biased and distorted reporting of the news that they do, we can fine and legal fee them out of existance. Or at least hurt them so badly financially that they won’t be able to fund their campaigns of hate and bigotry.

  • soakman

    What is funny here is that he gives a quote that incorporates a figure as an ‘opinion’ (which, I’d like to see the source of too) and then claims with absolutely no backing or possible facts to check up on that same-sex couple produce broken children.

    P.S. The majority of families in the US deprive their OWN children of the love of either one or both of their parents regardless of how many are around or what sex they are.

    They base their viewpoint of a culture by the way it treats the most vulnerable members of that community? Poppycock. Why aren’t they looking at the elderly and how many GLBT people are in hospice and long-term healthcare fields? A LOT.

    Also, aren’t minorities fairly vulnerable as well? And this is how you want to treat them? With mud-slinging, hate speeches, violence, disrespect, and ignorance?

    Ok…you’re not being hypocritical there at all are you guys? Sheesh.

  • Jaroslaw

    This guy wrote a terrible article about the Judge Vaughn/Prop 8 ruling the day or day after it came out. So tired of hearing about “the will of the people of California being overturned.” Uh, Asshat, the measure only won by a few percentage points. What about the other side? Anyway, I tried to comment, it said I had to sign on to twitter, facebook or myspace to do so. I signed on to my facebook acct. and a search window came up. I filled it in and there were no results found.

    Anyone know how to comment on AFA blog? Then again, I probably would end up being too logical, and too respectful and it would be deleted. They would only print an irrational diatribe to show how crazy Gays are. Never mind.

  • Mountainword

    This old tripe again? Sheesh.

    Like all children raised by straight people are straight-laced virgins till marriage. Right. Believe that Mor(m)onic bullshit if you want. It’s not true, but whatev…

  • Jeffree

    @Jaroslaw: You can’t post comments on most of the fundie blogs. What you can do is to start to make a “donation” and then ptell them that you, by princple, will not make one at a site that does not allow comments. It’s best to set up a separate email account for that.

    They will write back — repeatedly.

  • Jaroslaw

    thanks Jeffree. Definitely a good idea for the seperate acct.

  • axos

    @Jeffree: You tried that? What happened?

  • Jeffree

    @Jaroslav: give it a try. You can get into some sites for free just by indicating you’re studying at a Christian college (name it) and are preparing to be a minister. Throw in a Bible quote.
    You’ll be amazed at what you read there.

    @Axos: I’m not quite into the “inner sanctum” anywhere on-line yet but I can quote enough of scripture and “pass” as a fundie, so yes so far I’ve gone undetected. It’s important to know what one’ enemiies are up to.

    I actually hope to get a book or at least an article out of this, but that’s certainly not my primary motivation.

  • Jaroslaw

    #17 Jeffree- what sites are you suggesting?

    I’d love an example or two of what you find “amazing.” If you don’t mind. I’ve been reading about the religious right for a while. I’m interested to see if I’ll be amazed. :) Thanks

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