Bryan Fischer just accused the LGBTQ community of stealing “the rainbow from God”

Is this Bryan Fischer’s most gloriously inane tweet yet?

One day after April Fools, the blighted host of Focal Point Radio has implied that the LGBTQ community “stole the rainbow from God,” which is the “worst example of cultural appropriate ever.”

“It’s his,” he writes. “He invented it. Gen. 9:11-17. Give it back.”

Fischer, who calls gay activists “insatiable leeches,” has made a career out of comparing the LGBTQ community to Nazis. (A ludicrous notion debunked in no uncertain terms here).

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Clearly more obsessed with gay sex than the average gay person, he’s terrified that the military has become overrun by “hypermasculine aggressive homosexuals” and has more rainbows on the brain than your average, dyed-in-wool Judy Garland fanatic, often blathering on about “gay rainbow nazis.”

In short, he’s wholly inadvisable.

Twitter wasted no time in reacting to the tweet: 

We imagine there will be more reactions once everyone stops laughing.

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