AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Obama “Ignorant” For Believing Anyone Is “Created Gay”

Addressing the President’s gay-friendly inaugural speech on Monday, the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer claims that Obama is “betraying an appalling level of ignorance” about homosexuality because all men are created equal, but no one is “created gay.”

Fischer even has the withered balls to say the President’s level of ignorance is downright “embarrassing” — both on his radio show, Focal Point, and on the AFA’s blog where he cites some bullshit study about identical twins and a pamphlet about the “top 10 myths about homosexuality” by fellow hate-mongering hillbillies, the Family Research Council.

Aside from openly insulting the commander-in-chief of the country that allows him this completely wackadoo free speech, the only person displaying an embarrassing level of ignorance is — and always will be — Bryan Fischer.

(h/t: Right Wing Watch)