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Bryan Fischer: Since Gays Cause AIDS, Gay Groups Should Bear the Burden Of AIDS Research

Because “we know what causes AIDS” (that would be “homosexual sex and injection drug use”), taxpayers shouldn’t bear the burden of paying for AIDS research, argues the infallible Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. Everyone give this man a hug!

TPM points us to Fischer’s writing on World AIDS Day, where he insists that if only gays would “stop engaging in homosexual sex and stop shooting up with drugs,” we’d have the cure for AIDS!

Instead of devoting tens of billions of dollars annually on AIDS research and treatment, the U.S. could be spending cash on Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hepatitis B and hepatitis C — all of which, “combined,” received less funding than AIDS asserts Fischer. And if man never had sex with monkeys in the first place, we could devote all taxpayer funds to treating the spewing of bullshit.

Not that AIDS funding must disappear. Just let the gays pay for it.

Another possible source of funding: homosexual activist groups. Let’s not forget that American tobacco manufacturers were forced to cough up over $200 billion because they peddle a product that kills people. Well, homosexual activist groups likewise are pushing a lifestyle that kills. If anybody should be obligated to pony up funds to mitigate a health crisis, it ought to be the organizations that are responsible for advocating the very behavior that created and perpetuates the epidemic.

Surely we will be accused of lacking compassion. But this is hardly the case. If you care about an individual, and you see that he is involved in a self-destructive pattern of behavior, the most loving thing you can to is appeal to him to start making better lifestyle choices. It is hardly compassionate to urge him to continue to engage in conduct that everybody in the world knows has a good chance of killing him in the end. That, in fact, is a form of cruelty.

Surely for the good of the American taxpayer, we should also castrate Mr. Fischer then, because he too has the possibility of transmitting HIV.

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    If one has a non stop spew of shit comming out of ones mouth is not that too considered risky behaviour???

    And that despicable group should adhere to truth in advertising and rename itself “Focus on the Gays” because it seems that is only what they obesess over…………

  • Francis

    People really should have to back up everything they say with facts. It’s annoying as hell to see people spew total bile like this to the general public and not have to back up a single claim with actual evidence

  • Qjersey

    Yeah good luck with that. Donations to AIDS organizations are down because our community is throwing all their money at gay marriage.

  • Matt S

    And these guys are bewildered as to why the Southern Poverty law Center labeled them a hate group.


    @Francis: Oh, you mean Faux News??? :p

  • Jim Hlavac

    I think it’s a wonderful idea. Oh do give us gay folks a 100% tax break — so we might pay for AIDS indeed — but, and a big but — if we find the cure, it will cost the straight world a lot of money for that little elixir. Meanwhile, yes sir, give me back my money so I don’t have to pay for the marriage license bureau which I cannot use. Give me the tax cut so I don’t have to pay for the divorce courts. Nor the police for straight folk’s penchant for killing each other, or the restraining orders. I certainly believe that taxing gays to pay for the incarceration of heteros who kill their families and their wives, or just any random stranger is rather unfair. Though if they kill a gay guy, I think we should have our own prisons too, which we will pay for — so we can tickle the bastard to within an inch of his death, for we are gentle people. And give us back our money that we pay to feed, house, cloth and give medical care to all the children of the unwed mothers. And don’t forget to tax the churches who preach screaming heterosexuality and then can’t control the um, junk of the young men there.

    And while Fischer is thinking through these things — I dare say we should get that tax cut so no gay money, which lingered in our pockets and thus might have cooties, would pay for the sewer systems of the churches he visits. For he is full of it.

    And why not just go all the way, as Jonathan Swift’s satires did — and say, “Mr. Fischer — give us our own state or two. And we shall be gone!” Oh I think there’s enough gay folks to take over say, Maine, Wyoming and Alabama. We would quickly become the majority in those states. Outlaw their sex, and prohibit their marriages, and raid their bars, and even “export” them if need be. Oh yes, we can go far with such a separation of the theocracy this man wants, for he would deny us the life of inclusion we want. And thus he can live in his states, and we shall live in ours.

    Of course, if he hadn’t spent so much time condemning us, and instead worked at teaching gay kids how to be in monogamous relationships — well, then AIDS might not have come around in the first place. And it would spread no more, for we’d be in happy, stable marriages of our own sort.

  • Enron

    Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s,

    The two above are the most legitimate in regards to more funding. As for the others…

    prostate cancer – Masturbate more

    diabetes – Proper diet with less sugar plus more exercise

    heart disease – Proper diet with less sugar plus more exercise

    hepatitis B and hepatitis C – Wouldn’t these be in the category of STD’s too which both orientations are susceptible to?

    Last time I checked, HIV affects both heterosexuals and Gays. It also originated in Heterosexuals. So what should the millions in Africa who are mostly not Gay do?

  • uu

    Sorry boy, but that one won’t fly. Homosexual activist groups fight for gay rights, their objective is not to increase the amount of gay sex that is had in the world (as noble a devotion as that sounds).

  • Daez

    My lifestyle is so destructive that I live with a wonderful man that takes amazingly good care of me, and I only have sex with him, and we are both clean and safe. I just love how this guy assumes that all gays are promiscuous.

    I do agree that some other diseases should get more funding and that AIDS/HIV is very preventable in the non-3rd world country and as such shouldn’t be seen as being as big of a problem as it is.

  • Andy

    Re: “organizations that are responsible for advocating the very behavior that created and perpetuates the epidemic”

    So which organizations advocate bareback and meth?

  • Patty

    In 2009, HIV/AIDS got all of 2.1% of NIH funds… clearly, because we have tricked the government into subsidizing sodomy.

  • stephennyc

    Oh, then I supposed only far right fundamentalist should pay for defense spending, since they’re the most war-mongering. And, perhaps only seniors should pay for social security … or, only sick people should pay for medicaid.

  • unclemike

    Since so many conservatives have been exposed as being closeted gays, maybe conservatives should shut up about it.

  • jason

    No person has the ability to invent an illness. However, it is possible for anybody to spread an illness that is contagious.

    Interestingly, the notion that AIDS is a gay illness was put out by both gay people and religious right homophobes. Gay men simply couldn’t separate their sexual orientation from their sleazy promiscuous behavior, and thus sort to bring the disease under the sexual orientation notion. This gave fuel to the religious homophobes who saw the opportunity to claim that AIDS was God’s revenge.

    Thus, gay men combined with the religious right to turn AIDS into a gay illness. Interesting coalition, isn’t it?

  • Marge!


    Just a side note, while Adult Onset Diabetes can be controlled through diet and exercise, Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1) still has the medical community baffled as to what causes the body to stop producing insulin.

    I’ve been diabetic since I was 11, and I could eat nothing but lettuce and spend 24 hours a day on a treadmill for the rest of my life and I will still have diabetes. Please don’t spread half-truthful rhetoric.

  • Ivan

    So a virus can tell the difference between someone who’s str8 and someone who’s gay. OK. Not sure what’s worse – those who actually say this or those who actually believe it. I guess ignorance knows no bounds.

  • Michael?

    some people fail. Fail at facts. Fail at reason. Fail at logic.

    And I share a world with idiots like this.
    Well I’ll do my best to keep on being a bright bowl of intelligent sunshine for those who are slow and dim.

  • Nick

    Breasts get cancer. Make women pay for cancer research.

  • RichardP

    It never occurs to heterosexual people that they produce “Gay People” No one asks to be born the way they are! Remember the church is a business, they must convince their flock of whatever nonsense they cook up, to believe it and to come back for more, i.e. $$$$$. It scary to think these people actually are stupid enough to actually believe the garbage they spew.

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