Bryan Fischer Thinks India’s Antigay Supreme Court Ruling Proves The Homosexuality “Trend” Can Be Reversed

bryan-fischer-afa_0“This is entirely right and entirely appropriate. Same-sex behavior is unnatural, it is against the order of nature: you just look at the plumbing and you can tell that, what body parts are designed for what use and you can see right away that this is contrary to nature. So that shows, ladies and gentlemen that it can be done. It shows that this cultural trend that we’re dealing with can be reversed, because for four years it was open season for homosexuals in India and now that drift away from cultural norms and moral norms, that’s been reversed in the country of India … Good law in India upheld by the Supreme Court.”

Conservative watchdog Bryan Fischer, Director of Public Policy for American Family Association, spewing more antigay rhetoric on his radio program Focal Point

H/t: Right Wing Watch