Reinventing History

Bryan Fischer Thinks Scouts Who Marched In Pride Parade Are Like Hitler Youth

You can always count on Bryan “My Gay Impulses Don’t Count” Fischer to trot out the old canards at the drop of a hat. This time, the American Family Association executive is back with the idea that gays were the backbone of the Nazi movement. But he does have a novel twist this time: the Boy Scouts are the new Hitler youth.

The object of Fischer’s rant were the Boy Scouts who marched in uniform at the Utah Pride Parade. In the fever swamp that is Fischer’s mind this immediately led to Nazi Germany because we’re clearly equals on the spectrum of evil. The Nazi youth movement was, in Fischer’s words, a “major homosexual recruiting effort.”  The kids marching in the Utah Pride parade were supporting gay rights, and therefore – ta da! — like Nazis.

Unable to let the topic alone, Fischer subsequently invited Scott Lively, who has made a living out of peddling crackpot homophobia, to underscore the connection. Lively is the author of a tome called The Pink Swastika, which purports to show just how gay those Nazis were but that has been more accurately described as “a flat-out lie.” Lively went on about how the German youth movement was really an effort to “revive the Greek ideal of pedagogic pederasty.”  Keeping with the Nazi imagery, Lively claimed that the Scouts would be conducting a “Blitzkrieg against the Church like we’ve never seen before.”  Clearly, the concentration camp rhetoric can’t be far behind, although you can bet gays won’t be among the victims.