Bryan Fischer Wants The World To Know “I Love Black Males”

bryan-fischerYou can always count on Bryan Fischer to come up with some new example proving that Freud really was right. In the latest episode, the American Family Association’s public policy director justifies his crusade to outlaw homosexuality by saying he’s animated by his love of black men.

“If you are for the legalization of homosexuality, you are for the acceptability of homosexuality, you are for the normalization of homosexuality, you do not care about black males,” Fischer said, while talking about National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. “You have no compassion in your black heart for black males because they’re being decimated by HIV/AIDS.”

Okay, bad enough, but Fischer just couldn’t help himself. He continued: “So why am I opposed to the normalization of homosexual behavior? Because I love black males. I want black males to live long, prosperous, healthy, disease-free lives.”


Just as a reminder, this is the same Bryan Fischer who once suggested that he had gay impulses just the way “every man, every woman has experienced certain sexual impulses that, if they acted on them…would destroy them.” 

Of course, that has no bearing on his profession of love for black men.

H/t: Right Wing Watch