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Bryan Fischer’s Latest Fantasy: Gay People As Slave Masters Forcing Christians To Perform Involuntary Labor

BryanFischerBDSMQueertyWhile pretty much everyone (except for Jeb Bush and a few other rouge conservatives) now agrees that Indiana’s “religious freedom” bill signed by Gov. Mike Pence one week ago today is totally discriminatory and draconian and awful, at least one person is standing up for it.

Any guesses as to who?

That’s right! It’s AFA’s resident closet case homophobe Bryan Fischer. The conservative radio host, who loves nothing more than talking about men having sex with other men, took to airwaves yesterday to speak in favor of Indiana’s law, claiming that, wait for it, forcing Christians to serve gay people is tantamount to slavery.

Yes, slavery.

Fisher is very unhappy with Gov. Pence for announcing this week that he now feels the bill needs to be re-written to eliminate any language that grants businesses owners the right to deny services to gay people.

“I’m afraid Gov. Pence is dangerously close to allowing the homosexual lobby to get the state of Indiana to compel people…to provide labor against their will,” Fischer babbled. “What do we call it when people are compelled to provide labor against their will? Involuntary labor. What do we call that, ladies and gentleman? That is involuntary servitude! That is slavery! That is something that is forbidden by the 13th amendment!”

See Fischer run his mouth in the clip below.

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