Bryan Hawn Back As Sexy Zika Virus, Assets In Tow, In Latest Head-Scratching Display


The world is a place that increasingly makes less and less sense the deeper you dig.

And nothing makes quite as little sense as YouTuber Bryan Hawn‘s latest foray into pop culture commentary.

Is it commentary? We’re not sure what we’re watching, actually.

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In the below video, Hawn performs a cover of Katy Perry’s 2016 Rio Olympics theme “Rise” in an American flag bikini bottom. If you’re at all familiar with Bryan, a lot of ass-shakery ensues. If that’s your kind of thing, great.

Then he comes out as a sexy Zika-carrying mosquito, and we’re left wondering if there was any sort of thought behind the self-congratulatory skinfest other than… actually, we can’t think of one good explanation for any of this.

If you’re looking for a few minutes to kill, watch below. Warning: you will never get this time back, so use it wisely.

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