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Bryan Hawn Returns To Show Off New Speedos (And Music Parody)

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Back in June, we tipped you off to YouTuber Bryan Hawn‘s latest pop culture commentary: a beguiling burlesque set to Katy Perry’s “Rise” that found him trudging around a beach alternately wearing a star-spangled bikini, and then a pair of monstrous mosquitos wings, a form-fitting skeeter head, and posing trunks.

Here’s a refresher: 

After we posted the video, Hawn was nice enough to write into the comments section to clear up any lingering confusion:

Katy Perry released a song about surviving the competition of the Olympics. The video draws awareness that the competition is not the only thing they should be surviving, but also survive the mosquitoes. It is a bit humorous that the most athletic athletes in the world are sent into a deadly mosquito infested location to compete. Glad I could clear up for you what seemed to be obvious to everyone else. For everyone emailing me about my ASS workout, here is the link. It contains the 3 best exercises for an perfect ass including one I invented myself 😉 ENJOY

Well, now he’s back with his latest foray into… performance art?… and it’s set to  The Chainsmokers’ “Closer.” This time, he’s tussling around on the beach with model Armando Flores, sometimes throwing sand around just to be that way, and otherwise showing off his latest pair of Speedos.

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Since we’re not Joseph Campbell, we needn’t get down to the nitty-gritty as to what it all means for the culture. Instead, we can just leave the (not entirely safe for work) clip here for you.