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  • Charlie

    please oh god please let them cast him!

  • Ryan

    Ahhh, I LOVE Bryan so. :]

  • j

    ROFL, one of his best yet, he’s definitely a breath of fresh air. Lovin’ him and sassy gay best friend. Although, anyone else noticed safi’s put on some weight lately? :P

  • Red Meat

    @j: I think his weight is perfect.

  • Ian

    @Red Meat: X2, I’d date that man in a New York minute.

  • Michael

    It’s sad that someone as intelligent, cute, and funny as Bryan is relegated to a few minutes on CurrentTV every once and awhile when the diseased, vapid, whores that make up the “A-List” have their own show. Sad and disgusting.

  • Hal Shipman

    Your pieces are semi-monthly, Bryan. Bi-monthly is every 2 months.

    Which would be sad if that were the case. Because that would be only 25% of the funny we get now.

    That was awesome.

  • Patty

    He’s a planet of LoL

  • jason

    Bryan Safi is a turd. He doesn’t represent me at all. Go away, Bryan. The cast of The A-List remind me of vain, narcissistic women.

  • Adrian

    If someone starts a Facebook page campaigning for Safi to be on the next A-List I will sign up and tell all my friends to do the same. someone? anyone?

  • j

    @jason: Jason has anything positive ever happened to you, ever? If someone asked me to caricature the ultimate misanthrope I couldn’t dream you up. I’m convinced you’re a troll. Atleast I hope you are because no one deserves to be as loveless as you are.

  • Pip

    i love the hoodie with no undershirt hahah

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