Bryan Singer Files Motion To Dismiss Sex Abuse Case

michael_egan_bryan_singerIt’s beginning to look like Bryan Singer’s legal woes might be resolved as quickly as they sprouted.

In the latest update of his highly publicized teen sexual abuse case, Singer has filed a motion in Hawaii to dismiss on grounds of jurisdiction.

The way his lawyers are framing it (and you can bet they’re good lawyers), Singer has the necessary documentation to prove that he wasn’t in Hawaii with accuser Michael Egan in late 1999, and therefore the court has no jurisdiction to take the case.

And while his penchant for younger guys is no real secret, it would have been quite challenging to abuse someone from another continent.

Additionally, Singer’s motion cites Egan’s own deposition from a 2000 case, noting contradictions in Egan’s current suit. Back in 2000 Egan stated that he’d “never had any trips outside the continental U.S.” with some of the same people he’s now claiming to have been in Hawaii with.

Egan’s lawyer Jeff Herman has never publicly offered an explanation for the discrepancy other than promising to provide one at some point.

Though Herman did say last week that, “Mike maintains that he was in Hawaii with the defendants and his mother maintains that she spoke to [2000 suit defendant] Chad Shackley and authorized him to take Mike to Hawaii on at least two occasions.”

We’ll have to wait and see how good those Hollywood attorneys really are.

via Hollywood Reporter