Bryan Singer’s Gay Hollywood Debut*

Bryan Singer

We’re not even that big of comic book fans, but we’ve already secured out tickets to Superman Returns for Tuesday — not because anyone at Warner Bros. is taking care of us, but because Fandango is. It’s going to be a Blockbuster hit; we know that. Part of that, of course, will be thanks to director Bryan Singer, the openly gay Hollywooder who, it was recently announced, will be directing the upcoming Harvey Milk biopic.

Beating out the likes of Oliver Stone and Gus Van Sant, Singer will be telling the story of fellow homo Milk, the first openly gay city supervisor of San Francisco and gay rights activist, whose 1978 assassination (and mocking seven year prison sentence for assassin Dan White) caused rioting throughout the Bay Area.

The Mayor of Castro Street, based on the 1982 birography, is slated to hit theaters in 2007. We’ll be here, refreshing Fandango.

* Yes, some might argue Superman Returns was Singer’s gay Hollywood debut.

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