"There’s an element of fraud here."

Buchanan: Keith Kerr A “Coward”

Conservative pundit and failed politico Pat Buchanan took to the boob tube yesterday to criticize Keith Kerr for his controversial CNN/YouTube question.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, retired Brigadier General Kerr asked the Republicans about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The Republicans all paid lip service to gay soldiers, yet continue to endorse the anti-gay military measure. Kerr later came under fire for his Hillary Clinton connections, leading many to claim Clinton’s campaign planted him in the audience. Kerr and Clinton denied it, of course.

Not one to miss a national scandal, Buchanan popped into Fox News yesterday to accuse Kerr of “fraud” and cowardice:

There’s an element of fraud here. When the general did not identify himself as a fierce partisan of Hillary Rodham Clinton and presented himself simply as a military man who had served and was gay. And who obviously did not have the courage, frankly, when he was in the military to come out of the closet and say I’m gay. And to attack the Republicans for lacking the courage to take a position he was unable to take, I think makes him look rather bad.

Buchanan’s such a dirty son of a bitch. How’s he going to go on national television and call a soldier a “coward” for abiding by Republican-endorsed laws? Seriously…