Buck Angel’s Estranged Wife Says He’s “Not A Man” To Dodge Divorce Costs

buck angelThe former wife of famed transgender porn star Buck Angel is claiming in court that she cannot legally be forced to pay spousal support because her ex-husband is not legally a man.

Angel, an award-winning sex worker who famously branded himself “The Man With A Pussy” in 2007, has long been open about his decision not to seek surgery during transition. He often used his moniker for shock value and once revealed that he did not seek sex reassignment surgery because he wanted to be “the most shocking performer” in the room. TMZ learned this week that his ex-wife, 55-year-old “body piercer” Elayne Angel, is using his lack of appendage as a legal defense in court.

According to court documents, Elayne is disputing Buck’s requested $2,000 a month because he does not have a penis. Therefore, they were never married and Buck is not technically eligible for spousal support.

The two were married in Louisiana in 2006, though Louisiana technically doesn’t recognize transgender people as their preferred gender unless they undergo sex reassignment surgery. They exchanged vows, but were never recognized as a legally wed couple in the state.

No word yet on why the couple has decided to split, but after hearing this news, it’s safe to assume there’s zero chance they will reconcile.