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This Buddhist monk is in trouble for being too damn sexy

A muscular man poses in Buddhist monk's clothing

Let it be known: thirst traps are not the Buddhist way.

One Buddhist monk (or at the very least, someone pretending to be a Buddhist monk) is learning that lesson the hard way after some shirtless photos have attracted criticism from the upper ranks of Buddhist authorities.

The pics popped up on social media, cropped at the head Grindr-style.

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Posted by ???????? ????????? on Saturday, November 24, 2018

“Against monkhood discipline, this man has put on clothes similar to monk robes and taken photos of himself with fit muscles online,” said Narong Songarom, deputy director of the National Office of Buddhism.

“Although not a grave error in the monk’s way, it is an earthly sin that invites societal criticism and damages Buddhism.”

“Building muscles and putting photos up on social media like this is a monk that forgets his vows of monkhood,” added Phra Payom Kalyano, abbot of Wat Suan Kaew in Nonthaburi.

“It’s inappropriate because it invites criticism and tarnishes our religion. If you want to exercise and have a muscular body just stay home instead of being ordained.”

Buddhist monks see exercise as vanity, which is likely why monks in Thailand face a growing obesity problem, prompting the government to release a Monk Health Charter in 2017 to advise monks on a healthier diet.

This Buddhist hunk has some reflecting to do.