Buffy Is To Jenna As Vampire- Slaying Is To…

Sarah Michelle Gellar

It seems that Buffy has traded her stake in for a Rock. Sarah Michelle Gellar, every gay’s favorite vampire slayer, stars in Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly‘s Southland Tales, where she plays a former porn star who is trying to start her own talk show. The film is currently competing at Cannes, and is if all that weren’t enough to make us want to see it, we have this quote from Gellar regarding the steamy sex scene between her and co-star The Rock:

Asked how she felt being on the red carpet in front of an international audience, Gellar quipped, “You want to see the nail marks that I put into Dwayne’s [The Rock’s] arm this morning from grabbing onto him?” The Rock winked and said, “You should see my back!”

We wonder if it was just acting, or if the red marks all over the back of Gellar’s hubbie Freddie Prinze Junior are the reason he hardly ever takes his shirt off on screen.

Sex and the CBC host: it’s definitely not PG [Globe and Mail]