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    Arrruuuuggggghhhh! I was so very hoping he would have gotten his commupanc like Al Capone……..(the Feds could never get any charges of the murders, robberies, etc. that Al Capone commited to stick so they indicted him on tax charges and he was sent away to die in prison) This vile scumbag couldn’t be charged for his lyrics calling for the torture and murder of Gays…..

    (Me say) Boom bye bye
    Inna batty bwoy head
    Rude bwoy no promote the batty man
    Dem haffi dead
    Boom bye bye
    Inna batty bwoy head
    Rude bwoy no promote no batty man
    (Hear what now!)

    (Two man) A hug up on an kiss up on
    An lay down inna bed
    Hug up on another
    Anna rub dung leg
    Send fi di matic an
    Di Uzi instead
    Shoot di batty boy come if we shot dem–
    Dem don’t want Jackie
    Give dem Paul instead
    Don’t want di poom poom
    Between Patsy leg
    All dem want
    Is the body from Fred
    But dis is Buju Banton
    Me say

    (Me say) Boom bye bye
    Inna batty bwoy head
    Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
    Dem haffi dead
    Boom bye bye
    Inna batty bwoy head
    Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
    Dem haffi dead

  • Don't Hate

    Wow…does this person know how long ago Buju wrote those lyrics? How old he was when he wrote them? Buju has since moved on from that position…has since signed treaties against violence against gays…and furthermore, that song was written in response to a voilent act against a young man in Jamaica.

    Stop holding something someone did more that 20 years ago against him!

  • J Dav

    He was charged with conspiracy to distribute, not possession. Lazy, Lazy, Queerty.

    That is, in fact, the problem with this case. The government can’t show any funding of, or direct connect with the drugs.

  • SFPol

    @Don’t Hate

    you’re wrong on multiple counts:

    1. Whenever buju wrote that song, it continues to harm and endanger every LGBT person today. He needs to be a man and take responsibility for that.

    2. After signing the reggae compassion act, or whatever it was called, buju then denied ever signing it and continued to play the song

    3. buju moved on? how about an apology for creating the most bloodthirsty anti-gay lyrics ever recorded? we can’t move on, he’s attacking us.

    4. finally, i don’t believe for a second the song was written about some particular case–but what kind of excuse is that? it’s like slandering all latinos because one mexican guy mugged you.

    Gays will never forget this song–but we may forgive once buju is man enough to apologize. Until then, hopefully this drug trial shows him to be the scum he is, and if he goes free I presume the US will deny him an entrance visa as they have other violently-anti-gay singers.


    @Don’t Hate: It is sort of comical that your name is “Don’t Hate” and yet you defend such a hatefull, vile, bigoted scumbag………

    Here is a lift from the GLAAD website:

    Reggae singer Buju Banton has advocated violence against gay people throughout his career.

    In a popular song released in 1988 entitled “Boom Bye Bye,” Banton repeats the anti-gay slurs, “batty bwoy” and “batty man,” which are equivalent to the slur “fa**ot,” and says that they “have to die” and he will “shoot them in the head” or “burn them.” He continues to sing this song at his concerts today.

    In October 2009 Banton was quoted in news reports as saying “This is a fight, and as I said in one of my songs ‘there is no end to the war between me and faggot’ and it’s clear.”

    The Associated Press has reported that the song “Batty Rider” from Banton’s “Mr. Mention” glorifies the shooting of gay men.

  • Kev C

    So it’s still possible that Buju Banton and Lady Gaga will do a duet?

  • aa

    dutty batty bwoy! the bible says man to man is an abomination..Buju banton wrote about his beliefs and since freedom of speech is a right, i dont see why you still got your head stuck up your man’s shit pit!!!!! Leave ark myrie alone! you shit pit!!1

  • Smarter Than AA

    Hey AA, you fucking moron: Your First Amendment rights guarantee that the US (and by extension, through the 14th Amendment, states) cannot and will not interfere with your rights to free speech.

    This does not mean that speech does not have other collateral consequences. Buju Banton is a homophobic asshole. That’s going to have consequences in the media. The First Amendment doesn’t protect him from that.

    Sorry you’re too stupid to understand and appreciate the difference.


    I love da Buju so much man. Want him to hit me in the ass with his rythm stick.

  • Supa

    Hey just wanted to say that a lot of mis information has been spread around this one artist and I think hate (on both sides ) is clouding what is really going on!!!
    IS he a Rasta? Yes! Does he believe in the homosexual lifestyle? No!
    The “War” people like to pick out of their “what can we say about Buju that is bad” bag is referring to his stance on how he will never except the homosexual lifestyle. My grandmother and a few other older people who are not of caribbean heritage ( i am half jamaican)use a lot of slang that today that would not be appropriate. like how my friends grandpop refers to me as a negro or his negro friend…is he racists …not at all, but it was politically correct to refer to black ppl like that. Should i get mad? I could or I can just say to him not to refer to me as a negro and move on. My grandmother is a god fearing person and she doesn’t hate gaysand she doesn’t agree with the lifestyle, but it doesn’t stop her from going on with her life or doing business with gay people. Hell she even has a elderly patient she takes care of who is gay and she still thinks its a bad choice but she realizes that it was that person choice (or nature which ever happend first)

    My point is he wrote that song when he was a kid (15yrs) How many of you have had an ideal of some sort that today you would disagree with.His stance on murder changed as he grew up and even wrote a song about it (Murderer).”Boom Bye Bye” didn’t get popularized until an AMERICAN DJ spread it around and made it popular. So is he to blame or the homophobic country we live in to blame? We could have nip this in the butt a long time ago, but you see the point of that song was to raise awareness of this horrible child molestation/rape case. but that gets clouded with peoples hatred and the real message gets clouded.

    Does he sing the song from time to time. sure !! Get mad if you want, but how can you call someone ignorant and stupid if at the same time i can go to a gay club go dancing and still hear TOK’s “Chi Chi man” being played while all these gay people have fun and dance to the song.
    I think sometimes we need to step back stop getting angry and talk and understand where each other are coming from. You do realize that he does not advocate violence on anybody. He doesn’t even make songs about killing or on the subject of homesexuality anymore. (Check it you will find none)

    Oh and for “@playsnicewithothers” the AP got it wrong “Batty rider” is about women who have big ol bootys and they know how to shake it. for you see batty= ass bwoi= boy hence battyboi…since most homosexual sex deals with anal penetration. pum pum or chi chi or fossy = pussy hence pum pum chaser!!!
    Its all there…lets stop the hating and get to know cultures better.(on both sides)


    “I am proud to be an ally no matter what side of the track I am from”

  • Tomaingal

    You know what’s so crazy about Gay folks.. yall hold on to things forever…. Yall are not the only ones who have suffered ostracism… Get over it and move on.. That song was made some 20 plus years ago and this man has evolved into a man who not only care about people but mankind on a whole… Just move on and learn some culture for a change and stop rallying around one person who has already made a difference ….!! BOOM

  • Soupy

    I don’t want to be in your yall.

  • GeoSam

    @Smarter Than AA: if you are a fag then sorry for you cause you got that cum still in your ears… Buju has not in anyway in recent years talked about the BATTYMAN who bull-pooping each other…fuck your thin Buju cares about media? he is the biggest reggae star and no matter how much of your kind hates him, he still makes alot more money than any of you and doesnt care who is pissed with him…Buju to the world

  • freebuju

    battyman (gay or fagot) must die the bible said so

  • freebuju

    come to jamaica so we can treat yall the way the nazi did the jews yall so nasty pussy feel so good why yall want to go explore a fucking asshole yall make me sick

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