Buju Banton’s Concerts May Be Cancelled, But He’s Just Rescheduling At Different Venues


Next Wednesday’s Buju Banton concert at Club Nokia in Los Angeles has been canceled, following a string of dates nixed from the homophobic reggae artist’s American tour. Interestingly, Queerty reader Travon says Ticketmaster was still selling tickets around midnight last night, while two days ago the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center issued a celebratory press release about this concert’s cancellation. And while the Center has also claimed victory in San
Francisco, this week received this email advertising Buju’s show there, at the Rockit Room, on Monday (with a performance in nearby Berkley this Saturday):


And tickets are still available for purchase.

Buju’s SF show was originally scheduled for the Regency Ballroom. That was axed, but it appears the Rockit Room has no problem hosting him. So it’s not like Buju has been kicked out of the Bay Area; he’s just been relocated.

UPDATE: Similar story in Dallas: Buju just relocated.

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  • tinkerbell

    Buju byebye to your hateful lyrics.

  • will clemens

    I advocate the murder of Buju Banton!

  • terrwill

    Hey Ya ever check out the vile poo that spews out of this sub-human scumbags orafice????? take a looksee:

    (Caw me say) Dis is not an bargain (Me say)
    Dis is not a deal
    Guy come near we
    Then his skin must peel
    Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel
    gwaan buju banton yuh tough

    (Me say) Boom bye bye
    Inna batty bwoy head
    Rude bwoy no promote the batty man
    Dem haffi dead
    Boom bye bye
    Inna batty bwoy head
    Rude bwoy no promote no batty man
    (Hear what now!)

    (Two man) A hug up on an kiss up on
    An lay down inna bed
    Hug up on another
    Anna rub dung leg
    Send fi di matic an
    Di Uzi instead
    Shoot di batty boy come if we shot dem–
    Dem don’t want Jackie
    Give dem Paul instead
    Don’t want di poom poom
    Between Patsy leg
    All dem want
    Is the body from Fred
    But dis is Buju Banton
    Me say

    (Me say) Boom bye bye
    Inna batty bwoy head
    Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
    Dem haffi dead
    Boom bye bye
    Inna batty bwoy head
    Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
    Dem haffi dead

    This creature “sings” about skinning Gays alive, burning us like “an old tire wheel” (this refers to the practice of tying up a person, placing a tire around their neck, filling it with gas and igniting the gas) and other forms of murder only the most demented mind could ponder. Any venue that hosts this creature should be boycotted for every. Can you just imagine the reaction if instead of “batty boy” (Jamacian scum word for Gay male) it s “nigger”???????? WE are the only group that can still be subject to such vile filth out with impunity. remember the howls from the media when Michael Richards responded to hecklers ? He still can’t get booked in any club in the Country…………………….There is a special place in the bowels of hell for scumbags (and his followers) like him

  • scott ny'er

    i will post #2.

    boom to buju banton.

  • scott ny'er

    i meant with post #2

  • ChadSF

    This is horrible. This scum was able to booked himself 2 gigs in the SF-Bay Area. He has a show in all places, Berkeley and San Francisco. The Berkeley show is going to be held at the Shattuck Down Low on 10/10 and the San Francisco show will be held at the Rockit Room on 10/12. I am going to be contacting these venues and give them a piece of my mind. In addition I advocate for post #2!

  • Tim S

    The same thing happened her in Columbus, OH. He just rescheduled for a smaller venue. They actually gave him two shows. We descended on the venue with phone calls and emails to the point where they quit answering the phone. The show’s still went on. We did get him cancelled at the bigger venue though.

  • Matt B

    This bastard is also playing at the VooDoo Lounge in downtown San Jose on Tuesday, Oct. 13th at 8pm. Anyone want to protest?

  • musicdivaSF

    I wrote a letter of protest to the Berkeley show via fax with no success, so I decided to email it to their publicity rep but it bounced. The venue has an email address: [email protected]
    I hope it went through. The San Francisco venue does not have email or fax, so I plan to drop off a similar letter some time after work or this weekend. Angel Magik Entertainment is promoting his shows here in the Bay Area and it caters mostly to those who promotes Caribbean and Reggae music and entertainment. Here is their MySpace link: http://www.myspace.com/angelmagikentertainment

  • guydads

    The concert at VooDoo Lounge in San Jose on Oct 13 has now been canceled. The owners said they were not aware of his gay hate speech. A spokesman for VooDoo Lounge said, “We took a cold hard look at these lyrics and it was an easy decision to cancel this event. We are not going to provide a stage for that activity at all and we condemn it.”

  • scott ny'er

    great news about the voodoo lounge. if you helped get him banned, kudos to you. and thanks.

  • Sapphocrat

    I phoned the VooDoo Lounge in S.J. Friday arvo, and the dude I spoke with (very nice guy) said they canceled that despicable piece of shit (my words, not his) as soon as they realized what he was about — thanks to all the emails that poured in as soon as word got out.

    The VooDoo people really didn’t know Banton’s revolting history — and now they do. In fact, the dude told me VooDoo was spurred to plan an LGBT fundraiser “in the near future.” (Not the first LGBT event there — they’ve been happy to host after-Pride events and the like — but it’s good news anyway.)

    So, ditto scott ny’er: If you helped enlighten VooDoo and got that P.O.S. canceled, kudos. It’s a small victory, but it’s a good one.

    Now if only that miserable fuck Banton would be banned from ever entering the U.S again.

  • reason

    They should have denied him a visa.

  • Tallskin

    What you have to consider is just who goes to his concerts, knowing as they do that he sings about killing gays?

    Has anyone done a voxpop interview type thing asking the audience queuing to get into his concerts how they can pay money to this man considering he advocates killing gays?

    I sort of know what the response would be ie total indifference or approval of Buju Banton and his vileness. But it would be good to this on video for the record.

    After all no equivalent racist artist would be permitted to perform anywhere in the West.

  • jason

    Has the SF-Bay Area lost its mind? Too much permissiveness often leads to tolerance for murderous lyrics such as those from Buju.

  • guydads

    In San Jose, the credit should go to Troy May, editor of OutNow magazine (www.onbayarea.com) for getting the word out to the GLBT community.

  • Briane

    Well I am happy that Buju is rebounding and performing just the same. Somebody said if it were Nigger what would we do. Jamaica is not racist like Americans. Most Jamiacas first experience of racism is in America. He is talking about a culture Jamaica has. It is illegal to be with the same sex by law and is not accepted culturally. Buggery is just wrong, Dodo chasing just wrong.

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