Activists Consider Reintroducing Batty Boy Boycott

Buju Breaks Gay “Promise”

Buju Banton’s under gay fire once again.

Despite earlier promises not to smear the queers, the dread-ful musician took time last weekend to croon his famously homophobic tune, “Boom Bye Bye”. And gay activist Peter Tatchell’s Outaged!

It was reported in Guyana’s Stabroek News that at the concert Buju also said on stage “Buju nah like no batty boy and dem batty boy attack Buju”

Peter Tatchell, head of the gay rights campaign group, OutRage, which spearheaded Stop the Murder Music, a three year pressure campaign against the reggae star, told The Voice: “We offered Buju Banton a deal. We agreed to call off our campaign if he agreed to stop performing songs advocating killing gay people. Buju has now broken this agreement so we will be consulting with our human rights allies in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. I suspect they will want to resume the campaign. Most black and gay and human rights groups will now insist there is a world wide boycott of him.”

The move should really come as no surprise. Banton previously denied signing the Stop Murder Music contract.