Bulgarian Ambassador To The Vatican Banned Over Gay Storyline In Novel

In a development that could be ripped from a cheesy novel, representatives from the Holy Seat say they won’t receive Bulgarian ambassador to the Vatican Kiril Maritchkov Jr. because of a gay-sex scene featured in a novel he wrote.

Maritchkov, 37,  penned The Fugitive Road seven years ago. The book, about an immigrant’s quest for survival in Italy, includes a passage in which a character is paid to have sex with another man. The book was a huge success for Maritchkov, who is straight and married (and the son of a rock star). But the Vatican is having none of it:  A Vatican administrator wrote to the Pope to say, “Maritchkov is not welcome.”

Well, the Holy Rollers can take heart in the fact that recent studies show almost half of Bulgarians wouldn’t accept an LGBT friend or a child.