Activists Take On Slanted Text Books

Bulgarian Education Against Gays?

Activists in Bulgaria are bugging out over the nation’s anti-gay education. The country’s premiere homo organization, Gemini, spent months pouring over schools’ text books and found a pronounced slant against gays.

The bent book worms claim text books intentionally eschew gay topics and are asking the education minister to push some reeducation:

Bulgarian students read with huge interest about the love relationships of the poet Peyo Yavorov with his lover Mina and his wife Laura, but for some reason the books keep silent on the homosexual affairs of Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Hans Christian Andersen and Federico Garcia Lorca, the CEO of Gemini Aksinia Gencheva said.

The homosexual experience of Lord Byron, Shakespeare or Sigmund Freud is omitted on purpose in the books as it is seen as immoral, twisted and scandalous, according to Gencheva.

Does this mean Bulgarian students are about to get some lavender education? Doubtful. Though homosexuality hasn’t been illegal since 1968, it’s still a scandalous topic. Maybe kids can take it as an elective?