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  • ProfessorVP

    It’s always been strange about the cloak of lesbianism. Since Eleanor Roosevelt was a “nice” person, it’s at worst a horrible lie and at best a social faux pas to say she was a lesbian. Which she certainly was. Even many gays and lesbians feel that way- that it’s uncool to “tarnish” nice/good people that way. But here’s the thing about Hillary. Many people think she’s not-so-nice, and therefore her lesbianism is fair game. I’m one of them.

    One way to get some people’s hackles up is to say Hillary Clinton is a lesbian in a political arrangement of a loveless marriage. Let me tell you this: no truer words have ever been spoken. And if Hillary gets the nomination, the RNC will answer their phones this way: “Good morning, Hillary Clinton is a bull dyke, may I help you?” Why is this NOT unfair? Because this lesbian has the unmitigated cojones to even say the word “marriage,” much less tell me I don’t have the right to marry the same-sex person I love.

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