Bullet Proof Vest Part Of Gene Robinson’s Wardrobe

It’s function over fashion for Gene Robinson. The openly gay Anglican Bishop revealed last night that he wears a bullet proof vest after receiving death threats. He also travels with a body guard – just like a Hollywood celebrity!

The secure sartorial details came during a speech at Kent University in England, during which Robinson lamented the treatment of queer families.

Always an optimist, however, the preacher man insisted that happier days are on the horizon:

Heterosexism is the problem with today’s society. Homosexual families are still viewed as second class citizens, but what we are seeing today is the death of patriarchy. In order for the Church to come round to the idea of gay marriage, we need to separate the civil right from the religious right. If we can do that, we might get more religious support for the issue.

It’s an exciting time to be alive.

Robinson also speculated that anti-gay hate would break God’s heart. God has neither confirmed nor denied said speculation.


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  • mark

    Isn’t rather stupid to announce you wear a vest?
    The point is an assailant would shoot in the body rather than a head shot.

  • Alex

    He mentioned that he was wearing a bulletproof vest when he was confirmed (correct word?) as bishop in the movie For The Bible Tells Me So.

  • Psychofag

    He’s hot…I’ll get down on my knees to confess my sins to him….anytime…

  • Charley

    If his god was as all powerful and all knowing as Robinson claims, his god would zap the homophobic enemies with a bolt of lightning. Answer, there is no god the father, son, or holy ghost. Never was, never will be.

  • nikko

    And why would a christian wear a bullet-proof vest if God protects his children?! Answer: God does nothing.

  • abelincoln

    xtians are such ironic people. obey the 10 commandents and don’t kill, unless it’s ‘fag’.

    I just luv me them hypochrists.

  • nikko

    Hypochrist!!Never heard that one before! Hilarious!

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