WATCH: Bullies Bashing Middle-Aged Men In Workplace Exposed

If you thought the bullying epidemic was something only Americans were concerned about, check out this new video from commercial director Vincent Lobelle of Les Télécréateurs. Titled Harassment at School and set to Michael Andrews and Gary Jules’ cover of Tears For Fears’ “Mad World,” the eye-opening clip shows a group of mature men in the workplace terrorizing one of their peers in seemingly childish ways.

While the victim is initially only heckled by his colleagues, the intensity of their bulling soon escalates to violence. According to, the goal of the PSA, which recently aired on France 5, is to raise awareness among adults of the problem by transposing these issues into a grown-up setting.

The message is clear: A bully is a bully, regardless of whether he’s ten years old or fifty.

“A day at work doesn’t look like this,” reads the message at the end of the clip. “What about a day at school?”

Have a tissue nearby when you watch the video above.