Bullies Hit Down In Florida

Florida’s young gays can breathe a little easier.

The state’s Senate yesterday passed unanimously a comprehensive, queer inclusive anti-bullying bill, which has been either years in the making. And you can be sure gay group Equality Florida’s leading lady, Nadine Smith, celebrated in epistolary style:

Thanks to the thousands of messages you sent to the Florida Senate and a last minute lobbying effort in Tallahassee, Senators heard our call and brought the long overdue Anti-Bullying bill up for a vote and passed it. Governor Crist has expressed support for the bill many times in the past and it now awaits his signature.

Equality Florida’s goal has always been to provide the strongest protections possible for Florida’s students, including LGBT students. Because of your commitment and persistence over the years, all of Florida’s students will be protected under this bill. In passing the bill the sponsors repeated again and again that this law protects LGBT students.

And they all lived happily ever after…