Bully Scrawls “Fag” On The Neck Of Illinois Seventh-Grader

The slur has been partially obscured by KTVI

A bully at a school in Illinois scrawled the word “fag” on the neck of a seventh-grader in permanent marker, forcing him to spend all day tattooed with the slur.

“He was resting his head on his desk and a boy wrote it on his neck,” the boy’s mother told KTVI News. (We’ve chosen not to include the victim’s name.)

“I saw it when he got home and called the school after taking a picture of it. He did not know it was there, but all the kids were laughing at him. It was written in permanent marker.”

How could his classmates have noticed it but teachers and administrators didn’t?

The boy was also the victim of an assault in the bathroom, when students kicked in the stall door and kicked the boy in the back. “”Urine got all over him,” says his mother. “It has really changed him into someone who tries to get out of going to school. It is heartbreaking for me.”

School officials at Mason Clark Middle School in East St. Louis, IL, say the incidents were investigated “and the students responsible were immediately disciplined according to district guidelines.” They also promise the victim will be monitored to prevent further acts of harassment.

We know it’s wrong, but we’d love to see some Old Testament justice meted out to the brats responsible: How small would you have to write to get “I am a worthless piece of crap who will peak in high school and go one to live a live of quiet desperation” on the back of someone’s neck?