Bunnyback Mountain


You’ve read Andy Towle’s site religiously. You’ve seen Brokeback, what, three or four times? You’ve started wearing cowboy hats. Yes, you queens are bit obsessed with this film and rightfully so.

You’ve been excited to hear of all the award nominations. And we know you’ve read the reviews. They all glow and heap praise on this wonderful little film. But none have been written like this:

Beautiful. Sexy. Masterful performances on both sides of the camera. Grand tragedy. A little slow is my only gripe. But this movie actually says something and says it very powerfully. It’s like Gone With The Wind for faggots–unfortunately without the gowns! Couldn’t Heath at least gotten Jake to fashion a cute rope-belted mini out of a burlap sack and a wig made of reeds to priss around and tantalize him? It worked for me that time I was hitch-hiking on acid

Forget Gen Shalit and his hate. Lady Bunny has reviewed Brokeback Mountain.

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