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This global burger chain just renamed itself for pride in Mexico

Burger King's Burger Queer logo
(Image: Burger King Mexico)

If there’s one thing that prompts heated debate among some LGBTQ people it’s the use of the word ‘queer’.

For some, it’s a defiant and unifying umbrella term to cover non-hetero sexualities. Others, remembering its use as a slur, prefer not to apply it to themselves. Perhaps for that reason, it’s a term that many corporates shy away from adopting, instead opting to just co-opt the rainbow flag instead.

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Not so Burger King in Mexico, which this past weekend used ‘Queer’ to mark Pride season. The fast-food chain changed its logo to ‘Burger Queer’ and produced some rainbow wrapping and tote bags for its menu items, which customers could order to be delivered via local delivery service, Rappi (a business similar to Uber Eats).

(Photos: Burger King Mexico / Instagram)

Anyone ordering would also be sent a special ‘Burger Queer’ cardboard crown they could wear.

Burger King Mexico posted about ‘Burger Queer’ to its social media channels on Friday, prompting thousands of comments. Many came from homophobes outraged that the brand was celebrating LGBTQ Pride. Some applauded the gesture, while others were just a little confused.

The brand also changed its Facebook cover photo to feature rainbow-colored mustaches (like the mustache used on the Burger King mascot), and the word ‘A Tu Manera’, which translates as ‘Your Way’. The temporary change is expected to last for the remainder of Pride Month.

(Image: Burger King Mexico/Facebook)

This is not the first time the burger brand has marked Pride around the world. It previously sold a ‘Proud’ rainbow-wrapped Whopper in the US.

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