Bush Aide Shoplifts at Target

claude allen.jpg• President Bush’s top domestic policy advisor, Claude Allen–who likes to criticize political opponents for liking “queers”–was caught shoplifting at Target. Said the security guard: “Is that a Todd Oldham lamp in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?” Ba dum CHING! [SoVo]

Liza With A ‘Z’: The Movie has been found! Apparently Liza misplaced it. Go figure. [Yahoo]

• Australia offers residency to domestic partners of “skilled labor” migrants. They’re specifically interested in doctors. And we’re guessing “gay blogger” doesn’t count for anything. Damn it. [SSO]

• Polygamists are the new gays. [MSNBC]

• Michael Jackson is broke. You know, paying off child molestation victims doesn’t come cheap. [Yahoo]

• Gay bathhouse owners filed suit to prove they are not “sex venues.” What a relief! Every time we’ve been to a bathhouse, not a single guy has tried to have sex with us. [LA Times]