Bush Finally Gets As Uncomfortable As We Are With Him

George Bush Cowboy

Dying to know President Bush’s opinion of gay cowboy saga Brokeback Mountain? No? We could care less as well, but some very brave or very odd individual asked him at a press conference in Kansas. The answer is as incoherent as you’d expect.

“You would love it. You should check it out,” a man in the audience told Bush Monday during a question and answer session at Kansas State University.

After some hesitation – and laughter in the audience – Bush said, “I’d be glad to talk about ranching, but I haven’t seen the movie.” The audience laughed some more, and Bush, who owns a ranch in Texas, allowed that, “I’ve heard about it.”

So does this mean he’s going to go see it? Actually, we kind of expected some sort of half-assed response about how gay marriage ruins traditional marriage, but that would require the man thinking on his feet. Instead, all we got was just more proof of how much we need to quit President Bush.

Bush Hesitates to Give Take on ‘Brokeback’ [AP Via Yahoo]

VIDEO – Bush Questioned about ‘Brokeback Mountain’

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