Bush To Endorse McCain

So, John McCain’s now the official GOP presidential nominee. And that nomination will only get more official this afternoon, when President Bush will reportedly endorse the Senator’s candidacy.

We wonder what Bush’s backing actually means for McCain. Surely the candidate doesn’t need the outgoing leader’s help in grabbing delegates. Could it be Republican party leaders are pressuring Bush to help pull in social conservatives, who he still desperately needs, as politico Jeff Crank remarked:

Despite our differences – and I have many with John McCain – if he is the nominee, they need to vote for him in record numbers because the stakes are so high.Not pulling the lever for the Republican nominee means you are really electing Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama – and they certainly aren’t with you on those issues.

Ohio activist Phil Burress also insists that McCain must “energize” the party’s base. One of the big voices will be Evangelical leader James Dobson, who previously said he will not vote for McCain.

Will Bush’s impending endorsement seal the deal and bring in Dobson’s right wing ilk? That remains to be seen – and isn’t the only factor. McCain will now have to focus on finding an appropriate running mate, one that’s exciting enough to grab young folk, conservative enough to please the right and dynamic enough to make McCain look vibrant. That’s gonna take a very special someone…