Record Number of Corporations Win Perfect Scores

Businesses Score Big On Gay Rights

Corporate America’s more gay friendly than ever before! Human Rights Campaign just released the sixth edition of its annual Corporate Equality Index with a record-breaking number of companies scoring a perfect 100! 195 big leaguers scored big with on gay rights, up from 138 last year.

Of the monumental moment, HRC president Joe Solmonese says,

More businesses than ever before have recognized the value of a diverse and dedicated workforce. More importantly, these employers understand that discrimination against GLBT workers will ultimately hurt their ability to compete in the global marketplace.

The results are especially timely considering the Congressional debates on the long overdue Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Openly gay politico Barney Frank’s optimistic about the ongoing ENDA debates. He reportedly predicts Congress will pass the act over the next few weeks. Whether Bush does the same remains to be seen.

It’s worth mentioning that UPS, which caused a queer controversy when they briefly denied benefits to New Jersey’s civilly united couples, came out on top with 100% rating. Competitor Fed-Ex came in will a paltry 55%.

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  • Leland Frances

    Their latest report proves that, for the 4th year in a row, the Human Rights Champagne fund has bent over and taken it up the ass from Coors, ignoring that some of their profits go to try to DESTROY GAY EQUALITY, so that COORS WILL CONTINUE TO GIVE HRC MONEY. It’s a large family—HRC head cheese Joe Solmonese must need a colostomy bag by now.

    Back in 2005, they still gave Coors a 100% rating despite this tiny print footnote in their report:
    “It appears that a significant shareholder of Molson Coors Brewing Co. stock may have supported an institution whose primary mission includes undermining the goal of GLBT equality. To HRC’s knowledge, such support has not affected the company’s policies or practices related to GLBT employees.” That latter parsing qualifies them to replace Tony Snow as George Bush’s piss boy.

    Even that footnote was gone by last year, and now as then they continue to rate Coors as harmless. Oh, they PRETEND to care what companies they rate do with their profits, claiming that the “HRC Foundation employs several methods to rate businesses. A team of researchers investigates and cross-checks the policies and practices of the rated businesses and the implications of those policies and practices for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers, including any connections with organizations that engage in anti-GLBT activities. Employers are not rated until all appropriate information has been gathered and verified to the extent possible.” They are either LIARS or RETARDED.

    Mary Cheney is no longer on Coors payroll to pimp for them among gays, so maybe it was HRC Business Council member Scott COORS waving shiny objects in front of their eyes so that they wouldn’t think to simply check current information on the Coors family’s hobbies which have been PUBLIC knowledge for years. Such as checking the Heritage Foundation’s site where ANYONE can easily find:

    “Hon. Holland H. ‘Holly’ Coors, Heritage Trustee Since 1998, Golden, Colorado. Ambassador Holland H. Coors … serves on the Board of Trustees of the Adolph Coors Foundation and the Castle Rock Foundation … The Coors family of Golden, Colo., has been active in Heritage’s leadership since its founding.”

    Liberals AND conservatives agree that the Heritage Foundation is THE MOST POWERFUL AND INFLUENTIAL RIGHT WING “think tank”—read PROPAGANDA MILL. It was BEGUN WITH MONEY from the COORS patriarch, and VIRULENT OPPOSITION TO LGBT EQUALITY is among their many fascist priorities.

    Or could they have looked of the Website of the RABIDLY ANTIGAY Castle Rock Foundation started by the COORS, where anyone can see that SIX of their 7 trustees are still members of the COORS family, including Pete Coors who ran for US Senate in 2004 WHILE CALLING FOR A US CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT BANNING GAY MARRIAGE EQUALITY.

    So, NO, it is NOT just “AN institution whose primary mission includes undermining the goal of GLBT equality” nor just “A” significant stockholder but at least six. In fact, it is not just two institutions but SEVERAL RIGHT WING ORGANIZATIONS WHO BENEFIT FROM THE PARTICIPATION AND FINANCIAL DONATIONS OF COORS FAMILY MEMBERS. In addition to Heritage and Castle Rock, these other PILLARS OF THE ANTIGAY INDUSTRY include the Free Congress Foundation, the secretive Council on National Policy, the American Enterprise Institute, Young America’s Foundation, the Leadership Institute, Media Research Center, Center for the Study of Popular Culture Institute for American Values, Independence Institute
    While some of the information at the link below detailing the history of the Right Wing sentiments and funding by members of the Coors family is outdated in some ways its overall message remains the same:


    WHY IS HRC STILL IN BED WITH THEM? And why are any of you still sending money to support HRC supporting our enemies by supporting COORS??? And why is Queerty effectively patting them on the back for it?

  • Sonoranliberal


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