A Queerty Promotion

Bust Out the Tuxes and Polyester Dresses: It’s the NYMF Prom

Hopefully you’ve seen a show or two at this year’s New York Musical Theatre Festival, at least so you can tell your friends, and parents, you stopped by nymph NYMF. But wrapping up three weeks of 24 Broadway hopeful musicals, NYMF is now ready to celebrate its fifth successful year by inviting you to relive that awkward night in high school: the prom. On Sunday, NYMF concludes the much-hyped festival with Prom 2008, the closing night party at Touch in New York City (240 W. 52nd Street), starting at 8pm. Tickets are just $40 and can be yours at NYMF.org, guaranteeing entry to a night of techno showtunes, a dance off, and plenty of boozing courtesy Peak and VOGA. It’s been Queerty’s pleasure to sponsor this year’s festival, and include you guys and girls in the industry’s largest musical festival. So, we’ll see you there?