Busted! Another Antigay Politician Caught Soliciting “Stranger Sex” With Men Online


In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, a conservative antigay politician who opposes gay marriage in public has been having a grand old sexy time in private.

This time it happened in Northern Ireland. The man’s name is Ross Hussey — yes, of course it is — and he’s a member of the legislative assembly. Previously, his greatest claim to fame was a self-described resemblance to Family Guy character Peter Griffin. That’s maybe not an association that anyone would want, but he probably won’t ever have to worry about it again, because now he’ll always be known as the “stranger sex” man.

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Hussey was busted by a newspaper that was tipped off by a citizen unhappy with his voting record. A reporter posed as a suitor on a hookup site — they don’t say which one, just that it’s for gay and bisexual men, and that Hussey identified as “bi-curious” — and were soon rewarded with a bunch of Hussey nudes. Those, too, were sadly not shared with the public. Eventually they made arrangements to meet at a hotel for sex. Fun!

Look, obviously it’s not a problem that he has lots of fun sloppy sex with whoever he wants. That’s great. But he also opposed marriage equality, which is simply exasperating. If he’s going to have a good time flopping around with men (and everybody should!) then attacking LGBTQs for political gain is simply shameful.

That’s what Hussey — and politicians like him — should be criticized for. Some newspapers have tried to claim that it’s a “security risk” for him to have sex with strangers, which is pretty silly. He’s a grown man, he can take care of himself. The sex is fine. Go have fun, enjoy yourself Ross. Just stop trampling the rights of everyone else.

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